Rental management with SAM

User-friendly online rental software to manage all your orders, products, stock availability and relations. Get started in no-time.
SAM - Artikeloverzicht

Create an order in just one minute

You don't need any training to get started with SAM, and it works incredibly fast. Have you tried it yet?

Step 1

SAM - Relatie koppelen
Select an existing customer or create a new one.

Step 2

SAM - Huurperiode selecteren
Select the rental period.

Step 3

SAM - Orderregels toevoegen
Add your order lines, and you're done!
SAM - Orderverwerking

Order processing of rentals and sales

Create requests, quotations and orders without effort.
  • Select the project type that matches your business: fixed rental prices or multipliers, ongoing contracts or sales.
  • Easily send out quotations and turn them into orders.
  • Prices, discounts, multipliers and surcharges can be adjusted within every order for a perfectly tailored quotation.
  • Support your order-pick and transport with pick lists, packing slips and return slips.
  • Use automated billing for your ongoing contracts and send automated invoice reminders.

Visible stock availability

Always know which products are available at any given time.
  • Spot stock shortages directly from your order overview
  • Check stock availability right from your order lines.
  • Rerserve stock to ensure availability to your customers.
  • Comprehensive visual respresentation of stock availability over time.
  • Send rent-in requests to your suppliers.
  • Get insights into your stock history.

Integrations with third party applications

SAM provides free integrations for your accounting package, fleet management software, webshop and other third party applications you work with.
  • Integrations with accounting packages Exact Online, Twinfield, Visma eAccounting and Multivers Online.
  • Can be paired with the GPS Buddy fleet management software.
  • Integrated with the SAM webshop.
  • REST API for integration with other third party applications.

Keep in touch with your customers

  • Use email templates for quick and easy communcation to your customers
  • Send quotations, order confirmations and invoices to your customers, as well as other emails.
  • Keep track of all your communications with the email log that is saved with each project and customer.
  • Use the SAM servicedesk to record questions, complaints and to do's and link them to the corresponding customer and/or project.
SAM - Servicedesk

Get a free trial

Try SAM for free for a whole month. Within minutes, you will have created your first order.
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