SAM Rental webshop

The SAM rental webshop runs on your own domain, completely customized to your business. It is directly integrated with SAM, with products syncing to your shop and weborders arriving instantly. That makes you more efficient and less prone to error.
SAM Verhuurshop

Designed for rentals

Your customers can enter their desired rental period, and your rental webshop wil directly show them the costs and availability. Depending on your settings, your customers can pay directly or request a quote.
SAM - Afrekenen in verhuurshop
SAM - Webshop koppeling

Integrated with SAM

The biggest advantage of the SAM rental webshop is its integration with SAM. Any products will sync automatically to your webshop, where you can add additional information and images before publishing it on your website. Weborders are available in SAM within seconds after they've been placed on your website, so they can be processed right away.
SAM Verhuurshop - Eigen stijl

Your own style

Your webshop will be tailored to match your businesses corporate style. You'll have full flexibility when it comes to designing pages and their layout, with no limitations in amount of pages, categories or products.

Easy to manage

Manage your website assortment from SAM with the ease of a checkbox. You can add, delete or update product descriptions and images whenever you like to present your products in the best possible way. The rest of your website consists of drag 'n drop blocks, which enables you to add or change your website content without effort.


The SAM rental webshop subscription costs are €75 a month, which includes the integration with SAM and adjusting the website to fit your corportate style.
SAM - Artikeloverzicht

Interested in our rental webshop?

Curious how the SAM rental webshop works? Just let us know and we'll explain the possibilities the SAM rentel webshop has to offer.

SAM rental webshop specifications

  • Your product assortment always in sync with SAM
  • Weborders instantly in SAM
  • Tailored to your corporate style
  • Descriptions, images and other product properties
  • Incremental discounts
  • Product categories
  • Product search
  • Unlimited products and pages
  • Highlighted products
  • Price calculation based on rental period
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